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Give Boxee a spin

January 12th, 2009 . by Noah

In case you care and use a Mac or Linux, Boxee has opened up its Alpha. So now anyone can download the software and try it. I personally haven’t used it that much but the main reason for that is I watch most things on the computer connected to my tv and it is running Vista. I have checked out XBMC and Plex (Mac Only) as well. So far I like Boxee the best because you can browse sites like Hulu, Comedy Central and Apple Trailers out of the box. I know you can do at least some of that stuff with XBMC and Plex but it seems you have to use scripts and plug ins and it was too much of a hassle for me. To be fair though I haven’t used any of the products that much. I will try and give them all a spin and give a more detailed review.

In other geek news. I am going to try and load Windows 7 on my Mac and run it in Parallels or Boot Camp, whichever works. I did a quick Google search and saw some people got it to work but I haven’t researched the best way to do it.

Nothing else to report for now.

2 Responses to “Give Boxee a spin”

  1. xapnomapcaseNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m also toying with installing Windows 7, but am feeling strangely apathetic about it. I’d be very interested to know how it goes if/when you actually test it.

    It’s getting to be time to switch over to Linux for real, instead of using the live discs. I’m just so comfortable with the wide range of software available for use on Windows, even though I know there’s plenty of good, free alternatives.

  2. LoganNo Gravatar Says:

    I actually put Windows 7 on my slower computer just to see how it handles it at minimum requirments. The sound card is not support because it is so old, it works but sounds distorted, and I can’t play DVD’s well because the video card is a cheap one. But other than that 7 seems to be really stable. I tried to get into LInux once before and may do Red Hat or Ubunto(spelling) again down the road, but like the other poster said, it is really hard to give up Windows, but I hate paying for it.

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